Search Guideline and Technical Support

Dear Customers,

We can use search function in the webpage. There is always a search box next to the "Cart" Button.

We can search one world like "studded", "black", "bling", "metal", etc.

Or we can search with the item number, for an example, to search " concho belt 131800 (318), we need to type in 131800 or 318 in the search box and click search.

Same Serial Number represents the same kinds. For an example, 131800 (180), 131800 (181), 131800 (343) are really similar in styles but have different conchos. 180, 181 and 343 are the item numbers on the product tag.

We can also search two-words phrases, such as"short wallet", "black cowhair", "longhorn buckle", "flower buckle" and so on.

The shorter words we use would have more results.

If you have any question about search and need technical support, please contact or dial the phone numbers 214-385-0508, 972-762-8878.